Wanna Name Your Baby Lucifer? New Zealand Says Hell, No

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It's OK for Kate Hudson to name her baby Bing. If Alicia Silverstone decides Bear Blu is the perfect name for her boy? Fine. But if you live in New Zealand and you decide Lucifer is the perfect moniker for your little tyke, forget it. It will be officially rejected.

The Star Times
reports the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages rejected the devilish name all three times it was attempted to be registered in the last two years. And, just to be fair, the office also said no to the name Messiah.

According to the newspaper, the Births, Deaths, Marriages and Relationships Registration Act says names can be rejected if they are offensive, overly long or resemble a rank or official title.

A list of 102 names rejected included Baron, Bishop, Duke, General, Judge, Justice, King, Knight and Mr., the Star Times reports.

Parents who thought it'd be cute to name their child a number or computer term were also denied, according to the newspaper. So, it was no to 89, *, . (full stop) and /.

The letters C, D, I and T were rejected, as well, the Star Times, but J and q were questioned and then accepted. Also eventually accepted: Fanny, Jnr, Shady and Nevaeh.

What do you think? Should a government office be allowed to nix your baby's name? Leave a comment below!

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