Newborn Switch Has Moms Breast-Freeding Wrong Babies

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There's a reason hospitals are so careful about identifying newborns, but mistakes still happen.

At an Australian hospital two infants were switched and given to the wrong moms last week for eight hours after a name bracelet wasn't checked, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. Both babies were breast-fed by the wrong mothers.

Stephen Roberts, chief executive of St. John of God Hospital, in Geelong, tells the newspaper a family member questioned one of the baby's identity, leading to them to discover the mix-up.

According the the Herald, the hospital acknowledges it was a case of 'human error.''

''It's obviously a great time in any young family's life and for us to have contributed to this situation, it disturbs us that it's happened," Roberts tells Radio 3AW. ''We are trying to do everything we can to support them and to ensure that it's our mistake and not theirs.''

The Herald reports the hospital is testing the women and the newborns to rule out any infections that may have been contracted.


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