Teens Mauled in Alaskan Bear Attack

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You don't mess with a mama grizzly and her cubs. It was a severe lesson dealt to seven teens over the weekend, as four of them were mauled while hiking in Alaska's Takeetna Mountains.

Four of the teens were seriously injured, Reuters reports, after the bear attacked them as they were trying to cross a river.

Joshua Berg of New York and Samuel Gottsegen of Denver, both 17, were leading the group and suffered the worst of the attack, according to the news service. Noah Allaire, 16, of Albuquerque, and Victor Martin, 18, of Richmond, Calif., were also hospitalized after the mauling. The three other teens suffered minor injuries or ailments related to exposure, Reuters adds.

Other teens in the group, on a 30-day backpacking trip as part of the National Outdoor Leadership School, activated an emergency beacon, the news service reports, and the Alaska Air National Guard rescued them.

Don Ford, the school's Alaska director, tells Reuters the bear likely was protecting a cub.

"They didn't actually see the cub, but they saw some rustling in the brush," he tells the news service. "... This is our 40th year of operation in Alaska. We have not had a bear attack in all of that 40 years."


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