Fish Eyes Rod and Reel With Underwater Video Camera

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See what you're catching with this camera rod and reel from FishEyes. Credit:

Gone fishin' with the kids yet this summer? What are you waiting for? Say you don't really have a great rod and reel for the little ones to use? No excuses: Here's the FishEyes Rod and Reel with Underwater Video Camera.

Yep, the name may be about as long as that giant bass you supposedly hooked last time out, but it's totally worth the extra breath.

An underwater video camera transmits live footage to an LCD full color screen, so kids can see the fish and other underwater life. A removable sun shade means the harsh light won't stop the viewing fun.

FishEyes works on the dock, in a lake or in the ocean and comes with two bait baskets, two sinkers and 10 line attachment clip sets. Get ready for some wild fish tales. At, $80.


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