Girl Bitten By Shark: 'I Forgive Him'

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Six-year-old Lucy Mangum grabbed headlines last week after a shark bit her while she was floating on a boogie board in 18-inches of shallow water in North Carolina.

"Today" reports there have been five shark attacks in the state since last summer and two in less than a month.

"She could have certainly lost her leg with this type of injury," Dr. Richard Zeri, who treated Lucy, tells the news show. "She was lucky."

In the hospital, Lucy reportedly told her parents, Jordan and Craig Mangum, "I hate sharks. I like dolphins way better." Now, she's talking forgiveness.

"Last night we were chatting about it," Jordan Mangum tells "Today," "and she said, "I don't care that the shark bit me. I forgive him.' "

Doctors lost count of how many stitches Lucy needed, but they tell the news show the girl should be walking and running in six to eight weeks.

Craig Mangum, an emergency room doctor, tells "Today" he knew immediately that the injury was very significant.

"We knew right away that this was something that was going to require some extensive surgery and some reconstruction," he tells the show.


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