Fijit Friends

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Figit Friends dance, talk and tell jokes. Credit:

What's a Fijit Friend, we asked our toy-savvy 6-year-old. "Oh, I want a Fijit Friend. They're like these little dancing robot thingies. And if you say, 'I love you, Fijit Friend,' they say 'I love you, too.' I really want one for my birthday. Can I have one for my birthday?"

OK, OK, we get it. Fijit Friends are fab. The little robots from Mattel dance when you play them different songs, give them a squeeze or poke their bellies, busting different moves. They also talk, tell jokes and recognize your kid's voice.

Four friends are available -- Sage, Logan, Willa and Serafina. Be prepared for your own birthday gift requests.

At, $50.

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