His Lordship: Lazy 14-Year-Old Hooligan! Get a Job!

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"Boy for sale!"

A member of Britain's House of Lords is beginning to sound like something out of "Oliver Twist." Lord Jones says he's had it up here with hooligans and wants to put them to work.

Half a mo', guvnah.

This is Britain. So make that, e's ad it up to ere with ooligans and wants to put them to work, e does.

No matter how you pronounce it, the politician formerly known as Digby Jones, the head of the Confederation of British Industry, says young scalawags should be sent out to work at age 14 to "earn a few bob" rather than being forced to stay in school.

His Lordship tells the London Daily Mail the unruly and disruptive would be better off getting jobs and starting apprenticeships. He adds firms are being forced to recruit overseas because of the lack of properly skilled British workers.

"We've got to appreciate that the world has changed and there are loads of kids in school today who at 14 are more mature, and so many of them are disruptive," he says.

"This isn't about saying, 'School's out, away you go kids.' This is about going to a technical college, doing a couple of days a week on a vocational course and going into a business or indeed a public sector employer and getting the link in their mind, in their DNA, that if you get better skilled, you make more money," he adds.

With a weak pound, Lord Jones suggests that not-so-Great Britain could re-establish its manufacturing base.

Russell Hobby of the National Association of Head Teachers cries bullocks.

"Allowing children to leave school at that age, without good levels of literacy and numeracy, would trap them in low-paid jobs for the rest of their lives," he tells the Daily Mail.

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