Rachel Zoe Working on Children's Fashion Collection

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When one of the world's best-known fashion stylists has a baby, you just know a children's line can't be far behind.

And, so is the case with Rachel Zoe. The reality show star who dresses celebs like Anne Hathaway, Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson on Bravo's "The Rachel Zoe Project," is a new mom to Skyler, 4, months, with hubby Rodger Berman, and she tells ABC's "Nightline" she is working on a kiddie collection.

"Let me tell you, there is going to be a lot of boys' clothes in my line," she tells the news show.

Of course, Skyler, naturally, already has an amazing collection of clothes. His closet, shown on "Nightline," is, as Zoe would say, ba-na-nas. Huge and filled with the usual stuff -- you know, Missoni sweaters here, a Gucci bomber jacket there -- she tells the show he is fully dressed until age 2.

It won't be the first collection for the stylist. Zoe already sells affordable styles on QVC and plans to launch an upscale collection of clothing and bags this fall, according to "Nightline."

"Every day I wake up thinking, what can I do next and what more can I do?" she tells the show. "With my husband by my side, and now Skyler, my son, and the team that I have, I feel like anything is possible."

But while motherhood has changed her lifestyle -- and some of her clothing choices -- she tells the show you won't catch her in sweats. "But you will catch me in less jewelry," she says, adding that she will hold Skyler when she's wearing her trademark 6-inch heels, but she won't walk with him while she's in them.

Zoe does have some advice for moms when it comes to fashion.

"Wear your clothes," she tells "Nightline." "What are you saving up for? I'm wearing my sequins at 12 noon to lunch, and I'm wearing, you know, five cocktail rings to the supermarket."

And new moms should think functional.

"Chunky jewelry and sky-high heels are reserved for night," Zoe tells the show. "During the day you have to keep it minimal. You need to be realistic. I can't honestly hold my son, feed him and push a stroller in a sequin ball gown and 6-inch Atwoods, as much as I would love to."

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