Sand Diggers can Get Tummy Aches

Sand is a breeding ground for germs, study finds. Credit: jensen chua, Flickr
Towels, floaties, a picnic lunch and sunscreen -- there's one more ...

Teen Jobs, Finding Time, and More - Links We Love

Should teens work or concentrate on their studies? Photo Credit: quinn.anya, Flickr
Any mother who's ever hovered nearby during a clumsy toddler'...

'Orphan' Angers Adoptive Parents

New horror flick upsets adoptive parents. CREDIT:
Warner Brothers new movie "Orphan" might be a horror flick, but it's scaring adoptive...

Nudity - Boundaries for Babies?

Do your kids go naked? Photo: nkpix, Flickr
For most adults, home is the one place where you can let it all hang out, within reason. Young kids, w...

Absentee Grandparents, Euna Lee, and More - Links We Love

Grandparents have their own lives, and sometimes it doesn't include their grandkids. CREDIT: Mee Lin Woon,
It might be summer, but in the ...

Bathtub Injuries - 43,000 Tots Treated Each Year

Toddlers get hurt falling down in the bathtub. Photo:
Babyproofers beware: Drowning isn't the only hazard to be aware of in the bathtub ...

10 Baby Names Most Likely to Cause Boys Trouble

What's in a name? As it turns out, a lot. A study of 15,000 names given to boys born between 1987 and 1991 turned up an interesting finding: The more ...

Contest Round-Up, Thumb Sucking, and Heidi Klum - Links We Love

Does thumb sucking need to be "cured?" Photo: Peter Skadberg,
Register for baby, win a Wii for yourself! Between now and September 15th,...

Oops - Texting Teen Falls Into Manhole

OMG! Teen falls into a manhole while texting. Photo:
The dangers of teen texting: High cell phone bills, provocative pictures, car accid...

Little Girl Fashion, Bickering Kids, and More - Links We Love

Kids are dressing better than their parents. Photo:
Staying home and skipping that vacation to save money this summer? Here's a new clev...


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