New Words for No, Book Recommendations, and Preggatinis - Links We Love

Toddlers get tired of hearing the word "no." Image:
When you became a parent, did you turn into your mother? Or do you use your own parent...

'Fit as a Firefighter' Camp Helps Kids Lose Weight

Louisiana firefighters are saving kids' lives, but not in the usual way. Image:
Firefighters don't just fight fires. In Louisiana, they bat...

Kids and Extracurriculars - When Do You Let Them Quit?

When kids are ready to quit, do you let them?. Photo:
Extracurricular activities are a child's way of trying out new things and figuring...

Abigail Breslin Makes $13 a Week

Abigail Breslin gets a $13 allowance. Image: Getty Images
She's been nominated for an Oscar, made her way on to "Forbes" list of Young Hollywood'...

Nannies on Vacation, July 4 Parties, and More - Links We Love

Would you take a nanny on vacation with you? Image:
Planning a road trip this weekend? Or any weekend, for that matter? Keep things calm a...

High School Secretary Changes Daughter's Grades Electronically

A mom takes her daughter's grades into her own hands. Photo: Marja Flick-Buijs/
How do you know when you've become a little too entangled...

Economy Hits Summer Camp, More Free Time for Kids

Summer camp attendance is down, due to the economy. Image: Pink Sherbet Photography/Flickr
As families everywhere tighten their belts and pinch t...

Mommy Brain, Ana Ortiz, and Freezer Pleasers - Links We Love

"Ugly Betty" star Ana Ortiz welcomes a daughter. Photo:
Got a case of Mommy Brain? You aren't alone -- moms often complain of forget...

Independence Day Fun - Links We Love

The fourth of July is the perfect time for family fun. Image: ginnerobot/Flickr
Get out your vacuum cleaners! These indoor fireworks, aka confett...

Pretty Baby - Do Attractive Babies Get Better Care?

Do pretty babies get better care?. Photo:
When researchers sat down 13 men and 14 women and showed them pictures of babies -- some norma...


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