Interview: Son of Peanuts Creator Charles M. Schulz

The three lovable characters from "Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown." Credit: AFP/Getty Images If you're like us, some of you...We spoke with Charles M. Schulz's son Craig, who runs the family business with Schulz's widow, Jeannie.

Should Teens Be Required to Have Parental Consent for Abortions?

Should abortion require parental consent? Credit: Getty Images In Delaware, "Legislation introduced Tuesday in the House would require ...

Should Parents Who Let Teens Drink at Home Be Punished?

Should parents who let their kids drink at home be punished? Credit: Getty Images Attention Mississippi parents: If you let your teenag...

Is it OK To Take Underage Kids To R-Rated Movies?

Former "Friends" star David Schwimmer has directed a new film called "Trust", which tells the story of "a family torn apart after their daughter is vi..."Trust", a new film directed by David Schwimmer, is rated R, but the actor turned director thinks parents should bring their teens... what do yout think?

Parent of Abducted Child Releases CD to Help Others

A portion of the proceeds from George Transcender's "Songs for Parents of Missing Children" will go the the National Center for Missing an...Father hopes CD sales will help families of missing children.

Do You Pull Your Child Out of School for Family Vacations?

Credit: Getty Images
Do you pull your child out of school for family vacations?
The Kansas City Star reports on a recent Travel Indu...
Family vacations are great. But school is important. Do you let your child skip school for vacations?

As a Parent, Are You Bothered By Charlie Sheen?

Credit: Chris Pizzello, AP
Charlie Sheen's meltdown falls into two categories: amusing and sad.
As PD writer, Amy Hatch, points out,...
As a parent, are you disturbed by Charlie Sheen's meltdown? Or is it just more grist for the celebrity meltdown mill?

Should Student Athletes Be Paid?

Credit: Skip Peterson, AP The NCAA College Basketball Tournament is in full swing and March Madness is upon us. Have you filled out you...

Should Teen Sexting Be Decriminalized?

Sexting is a crime in most states. Credit: Corbis A teenager sending nude photos to another teenager is considered a sex crime in most ...

Does It Bother You When Celebrities Have Children Out of Wedlock?

News that actor Ryan Phillippe might be a father again (he already has kids with his ex-wife Reese Witherspoon), reminds us of how many celebrities ha...


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