Are You Talking to Your Kids About the Earthquake in Japan?

Credit: STR, AFP/Getty Images Some parents like to inform their offspring about current events, even those that are truly terrible, whi...

Would You Inject Yourself With a Pregnancy Hormone to Lose Weight?

Credit: Don Emmert, AFP/Getty Images Women are injecting themselves with a pregnancy hormone called hCG in order to lose weight, The Ne...

Do You Leave Your Kids in the Car When You Go Shopping?

Credit: Getty Images A South Carolina mom has been charged with "unlawful conduct toward a child." What did she do? Left three kids in ...A South Carolina mom has been charged with "unlawful conduct toward a child" for leaving her kids in the car while she went shopping at Walmart.

Do You Serve Your Children Alcohol at Home?

In France, many children drink alcohol at home. Credit: Martin Bernetti, AFP/Getty Images The Wall Street Journal has a story where the...A study finds that nearly 6 percent of 12- to 14-year-old have had a drink at home in the past month.

Should an Alleged Criminal Be Allowed to Coach Little League?

Would you want an alleged criminal teaching your kid about sportsmanship? Credit: Charlie Riedel, AP This question comes via an item fr...A double murder suspect in New York has been allowed to coach his son's Little League team.

Wisconsin Teachers' Union: One Parent on Why It Should Be Supported

Jennifer Uphoff Gray participates in a "Les Miserables" flash mob protest at the Wisconsin state Capitol. Credit: Courtesy of Jennifer Uph...This Madison mother of three has attended eight rallies since Feb. 17.

Do Parents Kid Themselves About How Happy They Are to Have Children?

Are parents really that happy to have kids? Credit: Corbis According to a new study from Canada, "Parents may create rosy pictures of p...We all know kids are great. But is it possible that we overcompensate for the fact that they are also incredibly expensive by going overboard saying how wonderful it is to be a parent?

College Basketball Player Suspended for Violating BYU Honor Code; Should Codes Matter?

BYU has suspended Brandon Davies for the rest of the season for violating the school's honor code. The university announced the move March...A Brigham Young University basketball player was suspended from the team for violating the school's honor code. Do you think he deserves the punishment?

What Would You Do if Your Child's School Closed for Good?

Education is under fire in many states. Credit: Peter Prengaman, AP Imagine you send your child to the public school in your neighborho...With budgets being slashed across the nation, even education is on the chopping block.

Should States Be Cutting Teachers to Save Money?

Should teachers' jobs be on the budget chopping block? Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images Times are tough, and many states are looking to ...Might there not be other areas to cut before cutting teachers?


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