April: National Pretzel Day Puts Fun Twist on Family Cooking

A rather unexpected twist emerged in our search for a special dish to showcase during the month of April. The twist? A baked curlicue of dough tha...Kids will love making this favorite snack food at home.

March: Mardi Gras! Time for a Little Cajun Jambalaya

When the season of Lent arrives, families who observe it more stringently will be incorporating dietary limits that can make those 40 days feel ...
With New Orleans being the hub of Mardi Gras celebrations in the U.S., we focused our monthly family cooking foray on that region's signature cuisine: Cajun food.

February: Valentine Dessert a Treat for Your Sweeties

When my sisters and I were children, our list of most-favored Valentine's Day treats generally consisted of store-bought Conversation Hearts,...Nothing says love quite like a homemade chocolate mousse.

January: Lookin' for Luck? Try Hoppin' John

Our family celebrated the holidays recently in the north Mississippi town of Holly Springs, and as the New Year approached, I happened upon a stash...This quintessentially Southern concoction is a ham-hock-infused combination of black-eyed peas and rice, typically eaten with cooked greens and cornbread, all in the name of securing good luck for the New Year.

December: Cooking Chestnuts Worth the Work

A dear neighbor-friend who hails from England recently invited me over for a visit right after Thanksgiving. As we sat by her fireplace, the subj...
Chestnuts have long been on my culinary bucket list -- I'd always associated them with Nat King Cole's famous Christmas song, but I'd never actually tried one.

November Fixings for the Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving is almost here, and with it all sorts of reasons to celebrate the season and its bounty. Our 14-year-old son Blake agreed to join me ...Thanksgiving is almost here, and one mom-and-son team is dishing up their favorite versions of two seasonal standbys: Sweet potatoes and cranberries.

Lizzie Marie Likness Talks Cooking With Kids

Lizzie Marie Likness presents her Pompeii Pasta Salad at Taste of Atlanta. Credit: Doreen Likness
As parents, many of us bat...
The 10-year-old food enthusiast wants kids and parents alike to know that mealtime can be full of foods that are healthy, delicious and appealing to all ages.

October Pumpkin Delights

Good news gets around fast when it comes to food, and our household was pretty thrilled to read recent published reports that last year's rain-induc...A mom-and-daughter duo takes a sweet and savory approach to a fall favorite: Pumpkin.

September Apples and Pears

If your family is like ours, you may have found yourselves ramping up your consumption of fast food or processed foods to the point that it surpas...Recipes for Apple Tart Tatine and Maple Walnut Baked Pears. Yum!

Dog Gets It; Baby Doesn't

This universal greeting apparently comes naturally to both man and beast -- though we're not sure if you can call it a high five for Fido when m...


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