The Jacksons, Week 14: Food - Vital for Life and Good for a Laugh or Two

One of my guilt-free pleasures: my collection of mouth-watering, food-scented candles that smell of sweet sugar cookies and pumpkin-spice...I've learned this week that food can be funny. Wacky, even.

The Jacksons, Week 13: Double Whammy - Sidelined by the Flu and Hit With Deep South Snow

It doesn't get much better than surprise snow on Christmas Day in North Mississippi. Credit: Deidra Jackson The start of 2011 has my...The start of 2011 has my son, Jack, and me resolving not to spend it like we did Christmas morning -- with flu medications coursing through our veins.

The Jacksons, Week 12: The Adventures of Cooking for a Choosy Eater

Sweet 'n' spicy popcorn was a tasty treat (and a break from healthy home cooking). Credit: Deidra Jackson As expected, my son was...As expected, my son was candid when he wrote about my recent attempt at healthy home cooking: "My mom made this shrimp soup and it tasted nasty. I don't mean to be rude."

The Jacksons, Week 11: Now You See Them, Now You Don't -- The Magic Numbers of Weight Loss

Deidra uses her own body weight as resistance in a TRX Suspension Training workout. Credit: Jenn Hall At my last weigh-in, the...At my last weigh-in, the numbers were magic. Nine pounds? Gone. And two-and-one-half inches around my waist have disappeared.

The Jacksons, Week 10: We've Griped, We've Groaned - and We've Grown

Water-resistance training offers Deidra an extra calorie-burning boost. Credit: Jenn Hall We've said "so long" (temporarily) to...We've said "so long" (temporarily) to bacon-double cheeseburgers and late-night Slim Jim and sweet tea benders. And we've forced our bodies and minds to fall in line with constant workouts.

The Jacksons, Week 9: Thanksgiving Day Test Passed, Cheeseburger Embargo Declared

What do you get when you combine a weeklong holiday celebration with a balmy out-of-town travel destination?
For we Jacksons, possible...
What do you get when you combine a weeklong holiday celebration with a balmy out-of-town travel destination?

The Jacksons, Week 8: All Points Checked and Ready to Roll (Into Holiday-Eating Season)!

Jackson finds another fun way to burn calories. Credit: Deidra Jackson
In the hands of my expert health and fitness team, I feel...
In the hands of my expert health and fitness team, I feel like a car that's been winterized.

The Jacksons, Week 7: Going for the Gold in Mental Gymnastics

Camping out or not, Jackson enjoys roasted marshmallows, his favorite sweet treat. Credit: Deidra Jackson It's already been a roller...It's already been a roller coaster ride for me, filled with ups and downs, highs and lows.

The Jacksons, Week 6: Four Pounds (and a Pair of Sneakers) Shed!

While doing seated ab crunches, Deidra shows off another old pair of running shoes, which are destined for the trash. Credit: Deidra...As of this writing, I've lost four pounds. The pity party I threw last week with great fanfare is over -- for now, anyway.

The Jacksons, Week 5: Hello, Vanilla Yogurt and Old Anxieties

I'm not crazy about yogurt, but I find joy when it's vanilla-flavored. Credit: Jackson Reid I hate scales. And after I was...I hate scales. And after I was weighed two separate times in the same day, I hated them even more.


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