SmackDown: Should Parents Drug Test Their Kids?

Is drug testing your kids a deterrent or a sign that you're not paying attention as a parent? Illustration by Dori Hartley ...Would you drug test your kids at home? These two ParentDish writers duke it out.

SmackDown: Should There Be Random Drug Testing in Middle School?

How young is too young for random drug testing? Illustration by Dori Hartley
Paranoid Police State for My 12-year-...
Are middle-schoolers too young to be randomly drug tested?

SmackDown: Is Ted Williams a Positive Role Model for Your Kids?

Ted Williams has had a helluva week. Credit: Peter Kramer, NBC / AP
It's Redemption Time for Ted Williams - and He Deserve...
Ted Williams went from homeless panhandler to Internet sensation in less than a week. But should we be lauding his story to our kids as a tale of success?


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