Top 100 Books for Teens: ParentDish Picks

Judy Blume is a favorite among teenage girls. Credit: Amazon While your teen might have some idea of what to read, the 100 listed bel...Expand your teen's literary horizons with these varied selections.

Top 100 Books for Tweens: ParentDish Picks

Lois Lowry's "The Giver" won the Newbery Medal in 1994. Credit: Amazon As much as counting and alphabet books stand out as the choice...Tales of adventurous heroes and heroines pack the reading lists for kids in their tween years.

Top 100 Books for Gradeschoolers: ParentDish Picks

Anne Frank's story is one that every child should read. Credit: Amazon Books open up a universe to explore for grade school children,...This is a great age to explore books together with your child, who will find dozens to read ... and re-read.

Top 100 Books for Preschoolers: ParentDish Picks

Who doesn't love Amelia Bedelia? Credit: Amazon Even though children are preparing to go to school, parents are encouraged to keep re...Letter recognition and other important reading skills start during this time and help lay the foundation for learning to read, so these books will keep your preschooler busy.

Top 100 Books for Toddlers: ParentDish Picks

Pop-up books like "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" are a fun way to get toddlers excited about reading. Credit: Amazon ...Help instill a love for reading in your little one with these 100 fantastic picks.

Maternity Fashion Tips for the 3rd Trimester

Fashion can be a challenge for third trimester mommies. Credit: Getty Images Fashion doesn't stop -- even when you're in your third tri...Fashion doesn't stop -- even when you're in your third trimester.

Top 100 Books for Toddlers: ParentDish Picks

"I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like them Sam-I-am!" - Dr.Suess. Credit: Amazon Setting up a routine to read to your infa...Your child will happily grow into and enjoy these stories for years to come.

U.S. Schools Are Just Average, International Study Says

U.S. students still lag behind kids in other nations, but American girls still rock when it comes to reading. Credit: Getty
Want your child to get...
American students earn a C average in international testing scores.

Gay Teens Receive Harsher Penalties From Schools, Law Enforcement, Study Reveals

A study has found that U.S. gay and lesbian teens -- especially girls -- are more likely to be punished by schools and the criminal justice system...Lesbian teens are particularly at risk for unequal treatment from schools and the criminal justice system.

Vending Machines at School Impact Students' Nutrition, Study Says

Selections in school vending machines have a direct impact on whether a student's daily food intake is balanced, a new study shows. Credit: Paul J. ...Today's school lunch? How about chips, soda, a candy bar and maybe some cookies? Just hit the vending machine.


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