Maturity Plays Role In Talking to a Child about Death

Death can be hard to discuss with a child. Credit: Getty Images
No matter your religious beliefs, death is a subject that, at some point, a parent...
No matter your religious beliefs, death is a subject that, at some point, a parent will need to discuss with a child.

Amazing Kids: Sweet Sisters Tend Honey Hives for Lives

Carly and Molly Houlahan started Hives for Lives following their paternal grandfather's death from cancer. Credit: Hives for Lives With a big ass...Hives 4 Lives has donated more than $170,000 to cancer research.

10 Questions to Ask - or Avoid - at Your Next Parent-Teacher Conference

Asking questions is the first step to better parent-teacher communication. Credit: Getty Images
Sweaty palms, cotton mouth, the fear of raising ...
Sweaty palms, cotton mouth, the fear of raising your hand ... if teachers and classroom settings made you nervous as a kid, the thought of your next parent-teacher conference might still cause anxiety. Take a deep breath. Knowing what to ask -- and which questions to avoid -- can help calm your fears.

Want to Change Your Child's Classroom? Talk to the Teacher First

Your child might not like the teacher as much s the other kids, but is it time to move her to another classroom? Credit: Getty Images
"I don't wan...

Back to School: Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids

Healthy lunches can be tasty, too! Credit: Craig Kohlruss, Fresno Bee / MCT
When it comes to healthy lunch ideas for kids, stick to the basics...

New Jersey Teen Creates Book Program for African Girls

Shannon McNamara, back row, far right, stands with some of the original 2008 SHARE girls from the Kiteyagwa Primary School in Bukoba, Tanzania, East...

Celebrate Baby's Arrival with Creative Birth Announcements

When designing birth announcements, new parents might consider using creative added elements, such as a band that wraps around a photo. Credit: Alee...

Avoid the Summer Learning Slide With Educational Activities That are Actually Fun

Even during the jam-packed summer months, be sure to keep up with reading and other educational activities. Credit: Getty
Three months of swimmi...

California Second Grader Sets Goal for Clean Water Worldwide

Riley Goodfellow, 8, ate 25 dinners of rice and beans to help raise money provide clean water worldwide. Credit: Sarah Goodfellow
When Riley Goo...

Amazing Dad: Randy Christensen

Randy Christensen, medical director for the Crews'n Healthmobile, which provides medical services to homeless and at-risk youth. Credit: Troy Aossey...


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