Toddler Beds: How to Choose the Right One for Your Child

Consider adding rails when setting up your child's toddler bed. Credit: Getty Images Finding the right time to move your c...Your little one is still in a crib but can climb out. When is it time for a real bed?

Great Ideas for Easy Dinners

Get dinner done. Credit: Getty Images Grocers know that desperate look in the eyes of frantic and time-starved parents. That's why most...Stumped about what to make for dinner? Ask a grocery store employee for ideas.

Date Night In: Fun Ways to Include the Kids

Spend time with the kids on your date night in. Credit: Getty Images OK, so it's not a five-star restaurant or a Broadway play. But if ...If you can't find a babysitter or you're feeling a bit pinched for money, at-home date nights can be fun and romantic -- even if the kids tag along.

Celebrating New Year's Eve at Home, Family Style

Celebrate New Year's Eve in different time zones. Credit:, Flickr As your family grows, wild New Year's Eve celebrations o...Have a festive New Year's Eve ... even if you're in bed by 9.

Body Piercing: Is Your Child Ready?

Does your teen want a navel piercing? Credit: Corbis
It might be hard to imagine your perfect child with a pierced ear, much less a pierced to...
It might be hard to imagine your perfect child with a pierced ear, much less a pierced tongue or navel. But in the event they ask you before they pierce, doctors say the same health rules apply for babies, teenagers and adults.

How to Fight the Colic Baby Blues

Colic affects 25 percent of babies. Credit: Getty Images
Nothing kills the bliss of being a new mother quite like colic, a condition marked ...

Creating a Will, Choosing Guardianship is a Must for Parents

Creating a will is something all parents should do. Credit: lrargerich, Flickr
The baby has arrived, the room is decorated and you've got diaper c...

How to Set a Nap-Time Routine

Rubbing eyes? Time for a nap. Credit: jamiesdesigns, Flickr
Figuring out your baby needs more sleep can be a humiliating experience, as anyone wit...

Apple Audit: Child Labor Took Place in Some Factories

An audit by Apple -- maker of the iPhone -- found 15-year-olds were working in some of its factories. Credit: Justin Sullivan, Getty
That new iP...

Self-Esteem Can Take Hit in Cruel Middle School Years

Coaching kids through middle school helps with good behavior. Credit: Sourcebooks
Friendships can turn on a dime in middle school, as a girl nam...


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