The Drevitches, Week 14: We Play Some Games and See Some Progress

They'd eat this whole gingerbread house -- if we'd let them. Credit: Gary Drevitch
I don't like to play games with my kids. Well...
I don't like to play games with my kids.

The Drevitches, Week 13: The Weather Outside Is Delightful

Natalie and Adam frolic in the snow. Courtesy Gary Drevitch
School vacation was brief this year.
With Christmas and New Year's Day f...
The blizzard dumped 20 inches on Central Park here in Manhattan, and for the kids, that meant just one thing: sledding.

The Drevitches, Week 12: A Few of My (New) Favorite Things

Little League is just one of things we were grateful for in 2010. credit: Gary Drevitch Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens? Not...For our family, the top headline of 2010 has to be our participation in the Healthy Families Challenge, which has changed us in ways both small and large.

The Drevitches, Week 11: Special Occasions, Special Rules?

Benjamin and I celebrated Christmas at Fenway Park, just one of many recent events where the kids stuffed their faces. Credit: Courtesy of...This is a busy and festive time for families across the country, but for my family, maybe even more so.

The Drevitches, Week 10: For Exercise, There's No Place Like Home

The boys' makeshift basketball court is a tight space, but it works. Credit: Gary Drevitch It's getting cold in New York City, and that...It's getting cold in New York City, and that means one thing: Kids bouncing off apartment walls on the east side, the west side, and all around the town.

The Drevitches, Week 9: The New Normal

When you lose weight, you learn a lot about yourself and the people close to you. What am I learning about myself? Most important, that I cou...
When you lose weight, you learn a lot about yourself and the people close to you.

The Drevitches, Week 8: The Kids Resist; We Prepare to Revel Responsibly

Natalie and Benjamin know that having the Macy's parade begin on our block is a major perk of Thanksgiving in the city. We just hope we do...The kids aren't completely on board with the healthier menu. At least not yet.

The Drevitches, Week 7: But What About the Children?

Benjamin and Natalie like to climb trees. Their other activities are a bit more costly. Credit: Gary Drevitch When I tell people about ...When I tell people about the Healthy Families Challenge, they usually ask two questions: How much weight have you lost? And, what exactly are the kids supposed to do to get fit?

The Drevitches, Week 6: The Toughest Part of Working Out

Lynn worked hard in her first session with her trainer. Credit: Gary Drevitch I knew when we began the Healthy Families Challenge that ...I knew when we began the Healthy Families Challenge that the biggest roadblock to exercise success would be our schedules. I was half right. The exercises are tough, too.

The Drevitches, Week 5: The Candy-for-Veggies Exchange

Lynn and Benjamin went to a Halloween party as a pair of fitness fanatics. (Those are her old high-school soccer sweats!) Credit: Gary Dre...There is a nine-pound bag of candy in my house. The good news: I haven't had a single piece.


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