Seedling Fashion Designer Kit

Seedling toys plants the idea of imaginative play in a kid's head. Credit: Half Pint Citizens If you've got an aspiring Diane von Furst...Future "Project Runway" contestants will make it work with this fashion kit.

Teen Sex Ed Taught Mostly by Schools, Families, Study Shows

Girls are more likely than boys to be exposed to information about hormonal birth control. Source: Getty Ask most parents, and they'll ...Schools and family are the most common and trusted sources when it comes to sex ed.

Parents Say Student's Peanut Allergy Hazardous to Their Kids

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They may look innocuous, but these peanuts could be life-threatening for someone with a severe all...
School's hand-washing policy has parents up in arms.

Teen Drinking at Home: Helpful or Harmful?

Parents have mixed feelings about serving alcohol to teens at home. Credit: Getty At some point, most parents will confront the issue o...Many parents do supply their teens with alcohol -- at least some of the time.

Innobaby Stack N Seal

Keep your snacks under cover, where they belong. Credit: Innobaby If you're tired of fishing for loose Goldfish crackers in the botto...Keep your snacks under cover, where they belong.

Spokescharacters Make Kids' Cereal Taste Better, Study Finds

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Characters don't seem to affect the taste of healthy-sounding cereal, but they make sugary cereal t...
Add SpongeBob or Dora to a ceral box, and kids say it tastes better.

Adult Adoptees Legislation Would Give Access to Original Birth Records

Proposed legislation in New Jersey could give adult adoptees direct access to their original birth certificates. Credit: New Jersey Depart...Adult adoptees would have access to their original birth records.

Poofin Star and Charms

Poofins may just be the next big collectible craze. Credit: Poofin
What do you get when you cross a charm bracelet, a beloved plush...
What do you get when you cross a charm bracelet, a beloved plush toy and pogs? A cool, customizable collection of childhood memories called Poofin.

Teens Lie, Like, a Lot, Survey Reveals

Is Pinocchio your teen's role model? Credit: Corbis Teens lie. It's not such a shocking revelation. But you may be surprised to learn j...Eight out of 10 high school students admit they've lied to a parent about something significant.

Limit Sun Exposure in Children, Keep Teens Out of Tanning Booths, Report Advises

Lifelong sun protection should begin at an early age. Credit: Getty Yes, you're always sure everyone in the family is slathered in sunsc...Rates of skin cancer continue to rise, even in younger people.


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