Tips and Tricks to Ease Teething Pain

Let your child chew on a teething ring. Credit: Getty Images The average adult has 32 teeth, but first come t...Believe us, you're going to spend a lot of time feeling around your baby's mouth to see if there's a tooth coming in.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Divorce

Let kids know you will always love them, despite the divorce. Credit: dno1967, Flickr
Divorce is not an easy time for any family, but studies have...

Adoption: Finding the Right Agency and Attorney

Selecting an agency and an attorney are among the first steps to adopting a child. Credit: Etolane, Flickr.
So you've made the decision: You w...

Bradley, Lamaze or Mongan? How to Choose a Childbirth Class

Pregnant women spend nine months waiting for the moment when they'll make the trek to the hospital for the big delivery, but you can get a preview o...

Best Pregnancy Books: ParentDish's Top 10 Picks

Catch up on your pregnancy reading with these top titles. Credit: Betsssssy, Flickr
In "The Godfather," they went to the mattresses. In pregnancy,...

The Gift You Always Wanted, Now for the Kids!

There's always that one gift you just knew would be under the Christmas tree or the Hanukkah bush, but somehow it never showed. Instead of pining ...

The Dirt on Kids Playing With Their Poop

Poop happens. Credit: Getty Images
When it comes to kids playing with poop, we've got two words for you: It happens. And it's also pretty norma...
When it comes to kids playing with poop, we've got two words for you: It happens.

Radio Disney: A Place For Music That's Both Safe and Cool

Ernest Martinez is the creative director at Radio Disney. Credit: Disney/ABC Photo, Craig Sjodin
Every day, at any hour, kids in America c...

Recall: Adventure Playsets

Recall of Adventure Playsets. Credit: CPSC
Rotting ladders on Adventure Playsets have prompted a recall of more than a quarter of a million pieces...

Recall: Young Artist Easels Violate Lead Standards

Recall of Young Artist Easels, sold by MacPherson's/Art Alternatives. Credit: CPSC
A chalkboard on 10,000 Young Artist Easels sold by MacPherson's...


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