FML: The New and Improved Version

Say BYE to FML. Illustration by Dori Hartley
As part of the 2011 Own Your Beauty movement advocated by, Missy Germain ...
I work hard to teach my daughters that words have power -- the power to change our thinking, our behavior, the way we define ourselves. So, what the hell am I doing, muttering "FML" under my breath?

Single Mom Delves Into World of Online Dating to Find ... Her Ex-Husband

Date? What's that? Illustration by Dori Hartley
Fact: I never dated.
I kissed. I made out. I fooled around. I messed around. I saw. ...
I got booted from my cocoon of marriage to find that "dating" was back, with a horde of impatient, hot-but-not-so-heavy subcategories. Speed-dating. Online dating. Sexting. Naughty Skyping.

The Vat of Fail

Who loses the most in a divorce? Illustration by Dori Hartley
I have a book on my nightstand, "On Becoming Fearless" by Arianna H...
I doubt very much I will ever be convinced that divorce was the only option and that my husband and I and the girls will all be better people for it.

My New Year's Resolution

I resolve to ... Illustration by Dori Hartley 'Tis the season for everyone to be a pain in the ass, especially Mommy and Dan Fogelber...'Tis the season for everyone to be a pain in the ass, especially Mommy and Dan Fogelberg.

Blinging the Tree, Girl Style

Illustration by Dori Hartley "We don't have to add more bling to the tree," says my mother. "Uh, yes, we do," I say. "God gave the...Once, before the divorce, there was a papa bear here, decorating with us. Now, decorating the tree is a girls-only activity.

What, We're Poor?

Illustration by Dori Hartley "Are you poor?" One of my daughter's schoolmates recently asked her this question. Still thwacking ab...I believe poverty is the last great American taboo. It sure isn't the sort of thing one tweets about to friends, or "Likes" on Facebook. We use euphemisms consistently: A little strapped. Need to tighten our belts. Here in the U.S., our culture is still churning out lyrics from the classic American dream: You can be a success if you just want it badly enough! Pull yourself up by your bootstraps! Go back to school! Take any job! Get on TV! Write a children's book!


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