Nut Butters: Safe or Scary?

Some nut butters are better than others. Credit: noellium, Flickr If your kid is like most, chances are she eats a lot of peanut butter. And that...

Jarred Spaghetti Sauce: Safe or Scary?

What's lurking in your jarred sauce? Credit: Cameron Cassan, Flickr
Talk about an easy, quick dinner. Boil noodles. Heat jarred sauce in a pot....

Beef: Safe or Scary?

What exactly is in your hamburger? Credit: uhuru1701, Flickr It feels like every other week we're hearing about a beef recall due to E. coli or s...

Chocolate: Safe or Scary?

Is chocolate really good for your heart? Credit: Rev Dan Catt, Flickr
Chocolate season is upon us. Whether you're nibbling on the assorteds from...

Rice: Safe or Scary?

Is rice a healthy food? Credit: avlxyz, Flickr
Rice is a staple food for many cultures around the world--cultures that don't have the kind of o...

Deli Meats: Safe or Scary?

Does deli meat make a good lunch? Credit: stu spivack, Flickr Deli meats are not only a staple in most kids' lunchboxes, they're also now thoug...

Food Dyes: Safe or Scary?

If your food is colorful, does that mean it's unsafe? Credit: D Sharon Pruitt, Flickr
Yoplait Trix Wildberry Blue Yogurt is color...

Christmas and Kwanzaa Foods: Safe or Scary?

Gingerbread houses satisfy your sweet tooth and offer some health benefits. Credit: acheerkelly, Flickr
Thanksgiving is behind us, and since then ...

Hanukkah Foods: Safe or Scary?

Jelly doughnuts are just one guilty pleasure during the holidays. Credit: AnnAbulf (no), Flickr
During Hanukkah, Jewish people around the world ...

Snack Bars: Safe or Scary?

Are snack bars healthy? Or glorified candy bars? Credit: anne.oeldorfhirsch, Flickr
There are so many different kinds of snack bars available...


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