Judge Grants Three-Year-Old-Boy Motorcycle License in India

Baby biker Azeem Khan, 3, has been awarded a special motorcycle license by judges in New Delhi, India. Credit: EuroPics/CEN
The littlest lead...

Euna Lee's Daughter Worries Mommy Will Leave Again

Reporter Euna Lee is reunited with her husband Michael Saidate and daughter Hana. Credit: Robin Beck, AFP/Getty Images
The story of American jou...

CNN Anchor Campbell Brown Says Moms Just Can't Do it All

Campbell Brown says having it all is impossible. Credit: Getty Images
When she became a first-time mom during the 2008 presidential campaign, Camp...

'Octomom:' The TV Special, Airs Aug. 19

Nadya Suleman takes her brood to the park. Credit: Jason Mitchell, FilmMagic
A new TV special on the life of "Octomom" Nadya Suleman is causing...

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Virtual Valium. Birthing plans require a lot of thought. Women take classes to learn how to squeeze their abdominal and pelvic muscles, read books on ...

Obama Baby Boom Didn't Deliver

A predicted Obama baby boom is turning out to be a bust. Credit: Getty Images
What were you doing on election night? President Barack Oba...

Daily Chuckle: 'JK Wedding Entrance Dance' Goes to Divorce Court

We nearly fell over from laughter when we saw this not-so-happily-ever-after spoof of the "JK Wedding Entrance Dance." We don't suspect the honeymoo...

Fat Kids Get Teased, Not Poor Kids

Weight makes kids a target for teasing. Credit: Getty Images
It took a study to figure this out? Kids have discerning taste when it comes to...

Mom Allergic to Her Newborn Son

Joanne Mackie broke out in welts from her child. Photo credit: cash4yourstory.co.uk
All Joanne Mackie wanted was to hold and comfort her infant ...

Breaking News: Duggar GrandBaby Gets a Name

Joshua and Anna Duggar are expecting a baby girl. Credit: TLC
She may not be born yet, but the newest addition to the Duggar family, the first g...


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