Dads Want Workplace Flexibility, Too, Expert Says

When I wrote last week about workplace flexibility and my frustration that so many mothers have to drop out of their careers because of the lack of it...Workplace flexibility isn't just a "mommy" problem.

Why Are Companies Still So Inflexible With Working Mothers?

Many years ago, I commuted every day, 45 minutes each way, to downtown Atlanta for my job. I was fortunate that I could afford to put my son in a top-...Why is it so important to companies that everyone work in the same place at the same time?

If Money Doesn't Buy Happiness, What Does?

About seven years ago, I was laid off from my job. I was a marketing director at a well-known corporation, and, after a wonderful career there, I ende...About seven years ago, I was laid off from my job...

Work and Parenting: The Painful Pull Between Them

Last week, my kids were off for five days for winter break. A month from now, they'll be off for another five days for spring break. And today and tom...Why am I so freaked out by the fact that I only have three hours to work today and that I have no plans for the kids?

Let Go of Being the Perfect Mom With the Perfect Life

I participated in a Twitter chat this week in which the topic was "the perfect mother." I can feel you cringing already. More than a few moms, ...I do my thing. I try to be the best I can be, and stop freaking myself out over my imperfections. I'm actually starting to like not being perfect, or even trying.

Need a Reason to Slow Down? Try Running Over Your Kid's Foot

We arrive at school every day at about 8 a.m. and slink along the car line. As we pull up to the front door, my 9-year-old son hops out. I look back a...Sometimes it takes an accident to shake us out of our robotic daily routine.

Parenting Out Loud In the Age of the Internet (and Ignoring the Trolls)

I love living in this age. I can't imagine what it must have been like to live in the time when it took weeks to get news or a return letter from some...This mom takes on expressing her feelings on the web despite negative feedback from readers.

Do Today's Have-It-All Moms Regret Having So Many Choices?

I wear a lot of hats. Most mothers do. We have children. We have dentist appointments to schedule, fridges to clean out, socks to find, birthday pa...Sometimes I feel like I'm giving less than the whole me to everything that's important.

Do You Have a Friend Who Would Move a Body for You?

They were pouring into the donut shop. One, after another, after another. I watched as more and more women arrived to celebrate the birthday of a moth...When you think of women you know who seem to be in the middle of it all, don't picture me.

Mom Embraces the Wisdom of Aging, but Not the Wrinkles

I am 41 years old and, of all the things I've learned to accept in my life, aging has not yet become one of them. The day my lipstick starts bleedi...Of all the things I've learned to accept in my life, aging has not yet become one of them.


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