Stealing: Lessons for a 4-Year-Old

I took the kids to the pet store on this Martin Luther King Jr. holiday morning, thinking we'd get bird seed to make peanut butter and bird seed pine ...This is one of those moments where you know you have to make a stand, hoping it sticks so that the offense is never repeated.

The Terrible Thing in Arizona and Why the Media Is Missing the Point

There was a terrible thing that happened in Arizona last weekend. A terrible thing. The person who caused that terrible thing to happen appears...I don't know what brought Jared Loughner to rob the world of so many innocent lives, but what I do know is that we have a crappy mental health system in this country.

I Don't Like Babies

I don't do babies well. I'm not sure why. I love my children. I dare you to even question that. Double dog dare you. But the baby part? Not so mu...If I could have someone deliver more of my progeny to me only once they are able to talk and sleep through the night, I'd have eleventeen more kids.

Please Don't Stop Believin' In Santa - Not Yet

A couple of weeks ago, my husband told me he thought our son was starting to question the existence of Santa Claus. I didn't believe him. My boy is a ...I knew we were getting close to non-believer status, but I was sure there was still time.

Do Birth Plans Help or Hurt Women?

Paint the nursery. Buy the onesies. Write the birth plan. These days, women are encouraged to create birth plans as part of their preparation for ha...You might have a plan, but plan for things to not go according to plan.

Admit It: You Use Santa Claus Threats to Discipline Your Kids

You'd better watch out, you'd better not cry ... You'd better not pout, I'm telling you why ... Thursday, after school: My 4-year-old daughte...As the holidays approach, who can resist a little disciplinary assistance from the man in red?

The Year of 'Doing It Anyway'

In nine more days, I will turn 41 and will complete what has turned out to be an amazing year, my "Year of Doing It Anyway." I spent the first fo...What should you do if you're not certain you're going to succeed at something? Do it anyway.

Stop Capital Punishment: Say No to Official Parenting Philosophies

Recently, feminist Erica Jong wrote a piece in the Wall Street Journal on today's popular parenting methods and how she feels they imprison mothers....Why are we judging other moms on their parenting philosophies?

Parenting Websites Perpetuate Myths of Postpartum Depression

I like parenting and "mommy" websites. I love ParentDish (bias, anyone?) and I enjoy checking out all of the other sites as well. I follow them on T...Why is the media perpetuating the myth that moms with PPD are murderous villains who are not to be trusted?

Did Parental Addiction to Online Gaming Lead to Murder?

Perhaps I'm showing my age a little bit, but I don't get the appeal of Facebook games like Mafia Wars or FarmVille. If you need to kill time, I s...If you can't get through the day without playing video games, it might be time to get help.


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