Baby Layette Defined

The baby layette includes essential baby clothing items and linens. Credit: Getty
New mothers know they're going to need diapers. And bottles. Not...

Popular Italian Baby Names and Variations

Choose an Italian baby name as lovely as Sophia Lauren. Credit: Robyn Beck, AFP/Getty Images
Ciao, Bella! And Sofia! You, too, Alessandro and Matt...

Newborn Baby Clothes: Must Haves

Could shopping for baby clothes be more fun? Credit: Getty
They're totally adorable. And sweet. And oh-so-snuggly. If you're a shopper, one of the...

Unique Baby Shower Gifts: Personalized Jewelry

When in doubt, buy jewelry. Credit: Corbis
Shopping for a beautiful, unique baby shower gift and hoping to find something other than the usual stu...

Baby Shower Diaper Cakes: Simple Craft

Bloomer's baby diaper cake is lovely. Here are tips on making your own. Credit:
Oh, baby, it's all about the cake. And this one? It's...

Homemade Baby Food on a Budget

You can save money making your own baby food, but it will cost you some time. Credit: Getty Images
When a baby is old enough to start trying sol...


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