What Next? Jail Time for Non-Organic Soccer Snacks?

So a Florida legislator is introducing a bill that would have teachers grade parents. This idea is more revolting than a school lunch fish taco. I ...The terrible thing about this idea is that it allows someone else to determine if our parenting skills pass muster.

Free-Range Parents and Chinese Moms: Where We Agree

All week my inbox has have been practically shouting: "Did you see the Tiger Parenting piece? It's like the opposite of Free-Range Kids!" Except,...Like Amy Chua's approach or not, she fully believes in her kids.

Do School Shooting Drills Do More Harm Than Good?

The school shooting last week –- a 17-year old in Omaha killed the assistant principal and wounded the principal before killing himself -–...We are teaching our kids that only constant paranoia makes sense.

Is Your Child Going Outside in the Snow? The Advice Every Parent Must Read!

Brrr! It's a snowy day and you know what that means: Snow advice! From the "experts!" Advice-givers who can turn any childhood activity into a disaste...For God's sake, do not send your kids out into the deadly white powder until you consider these life-saving, grade-boosting, treat-you-like-a-total-moron tips!

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Teacher Assigns Extra Credit Project for 6th Graders: Grow Up

The sixth graders in Joanna Drusin's English class get a strange assignment every year: If they want to, for extra credit, they can grow up. Oh, sh...A New York City teacher has an unusual extra credit project for her students: Growing up.

'Shiny Knife' and Other Carols of the Season

Sometimes, you just gotta sing to stay sane. A few carols to get you started! SCHADENFREUDE IS COMING TO TOWN (TO "SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN") ...Sometimes, you just gotta sing to stay sane.

Toxic Christmas? Nope

"Children don't ask Santa for a dose of lead in their stockings," begins this article in USA Today, "but consumer advocates say that lead, a potent ne...Are our kids are going to get lead poisoning from the decorations now -- not just from gnawing the toys from China?

Bad Advice: 'If You Get Lost, Look for a Mommy'

As the world heads to the mall this season, a lot of us tell our kids, "If you get lost, look for a mommy." The unspoken corollary being: "Becaus...What is the message we're giving our kids? "Any man could possibly be a perv."

Yearbook Blacks Out Kids' Eyes for Fear of Porn Potential

Guess who, Mr. Child Pornographer? Credit: Daily Mail / Anorak News
What would you do if you got your kids' yearbook and all the eyes had been bla...
A principal in England had the students' eyes blacked-out of the school yearbook


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