Secondhand Smoke at Home Leads to Increased Risk of Emphysema

One more reason to quit smoking: your kids' health. Credit: SuperFantastic, Flickr
We've known for years that secondhand smoke puts the health of ...

Product Recall: Children's Necklaces

Your kids' jewelry could be hazardous to their health. Credit: CPSC
If your princess likes to get decked out in baubles, take note. The Consumer P...

Product Recall: CYBEX Strollers

The strollers pose a fingertip amputation and laceration hazard. Credit: CPSC
Watch how your little one gets around these days. There have been nu...

A Baby Can Have Three Biological Parents, Research Shows

As science continues to advance, our ideas and values related to pregnancy and parenthood continue to be challenged. Should we test for birth defec...

Product Recall: Macy's Three-Piece Santa Sets for Boys

First Impressions boy's three-piece Santa sets have been recalled. Credit: CPSC
Christmas may be the farthest thing from your mind right now, but ...

Product Recall: Horse Toy Figures

Nature Wonders HD Pinto Horse toy figures have been recalled. Credit: CPSC
Round up the stables! The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Blip T...

Product Recall: RadioShack Toy Helicopters

Danbar Knight Hawk toy helicopters have been recalled. Credit: CPSC
Attention air traffic control, there's been a helicopter recall. The Consumer ...

16-Year-Old British Boy Could be Youngest to Have Sex Change

Bradley Cooper, who turned 16 last week, wishes to be called Ria. He's been dressing as a girl since he was 12, borrowing his mother's lipstick and ...

High Cholesterol Found in 1 out of 5 Teens

High cholesterol doesn't just affect adults. Credit: Getty Images
Does your teen have high cholesterol? Before you say, "Of course not," consider ...

Come On, Get Happy - Author Tells You How to Have More Fun

Happiness tip: Get more sleep. Credit:
It's no secret: Everybody wants to be happy. So, in an attempt to put a permanent smile on her f...


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