Celebrities And Other Famous Folks With Autism

With about one in every 110 children in the United States diagnosed on the autism spectrum, it's no wonder that there's constant buzz on the topic: be...

High-Fructose Corn Syrup Makes Us Fat, but Sugar is a Sweet Problem, Too

Are all sweeteners created equal? Princeton University researchers say high-fructose corn syrup causes more weight gain and belly fat than other sug...

Magazine's Popular Marriage Column Turns to Webisodes

Blame it on "The Marriage Ref." In 2010, it's no longer enough to simply read about marital disputes -- we need to watch them in action, too. Sin...

Adoption Agencies Banned From Asking Parents About Guns

A new bill, passed by the Florida Legislature and awaiting the governor's signature, bans adoption agencies from inquiring about potential parents' ...

Court Rules Parents Can Stop 'Sexting' Subjects From Facing Charges

Posing for a photograph, which then becomes the subject of a "sext," is not a criminal offense, according to the federal court of appeals. The court...


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