School Uniforms for the Day Care Set a Growing Trend

At what age should kids start wearing school uniforms? Credit: Getty Note to parents: Add khaki pull-ups, polo shirts and navy skorts t...Do toddlers need to wear school uniforms at preschool? Some are saying yes.

Reading, Playing and Bonding With Children Staves Off Violence, Study Finds

Reading your child a book may stop them from being violent. Credit: Getty Images Want to take extra measures to prevent your kid from g...Study shows bonding with mom can also raise a kid's IQ.

Nearly 25 Percent of Moms and Dads Say They Put 'Some Trust' in Celeb Parenting Advice

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In a survey, 24 percent of parents say they place "some trust" in information provided by celebritie...
Do you trust Jenny McCarthy when it comes to parenting advice?

Lullaby and Goodnight, Now 'Go the F@#! to Sleep'

For those nights when "hush, little baby" just doesn't cut it. Credit: Amazon When "nighty-night" or "hush, little baby" just aren't he...When "nighty-night," or "hush, little baby" just aren't cutting it.

4-H Club Members Less Likely to Do Drugs, Have Sex, Study Finds

More 4-H students are staying away from drugs and alcohol. Credit: Getty Images It used to be that the mention of 4-H clubs conjured up...Kids in 4-H learn public speaking, engineering, math and volunteerism.

Add Diapers, Wipes and Kleenex to Spiking Gas Prices

You can stop driving around so much, but you can't stop your baby from needing diapers. Credit: AP Here's something to make parents cry:...Now, add diapers and tissues to the list of spiking prices at the cash register.

Obese Teens Just as Likely to Have Sex, Drink, Smoke as Their Thinner Peers, Study Shows

Watch what our healthy families are doing to stay in shape!
A new study suggests obese teens engage in the same risky social behaviors a...
Obese teens party just as hard as their skinnier classmates.

Place Your Bets: Countdown to Wills-Kate Royal Baby Is On

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Bets are on for a royal baby in 2012. Credit: AP Everyone's counting down the days until the...
The wedding is still days away, but folks are already placing bets on a royal baby.

Family Turns Grief Into Action, Fundraising for March of Dimes

The Spohr family. Credit: Heather Spohr Two years ago, 17-month-old Maddie Spohr died suddenly after coming down with a respiratory inf...Blogger touches thousands with the story of her daughter, Maddie.

Bullying and Being Bullied Start at Home, Study Finds

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Bullies -- and the victims of bullying on the schoolyard -- often experience the same violence at home. ...
Violence at home can cause kids to bully -- or be bullied.


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