Crying as a Baby May Lead to Lifetime of Behavioral Problems

Watch Video Related to Calming Crying Babies!
Parents should help babies learn to soothe themselves. Credit: Getty Images Singing "hu...
Babies who wake and cry in the night may develop behavioral problems as they grow.

'Mommy' Wants Her Wine, Vinters Battle Over Trademark

Mommy's Time Out is now trademarked. Credit: Getty Images Can't anyone give moms a break? Do we really need to make a federal case out ...Courts to decide if "mommy" can be trademarked.

Chastity Chic Underwear for Teens Asks, What Would Your Mother Do?

Credit: Here's one way to put the brakes on your relationship with your teen daughter: Buy her "What Would Your Mother Do?" c...Want your teen daughter to think twice about hooking up? Buy her "What Would Your Mother Do?" underwear!

Plant a Garden, Pack a Picnic: An Earth Day Family To-Do List

Watch a video to learn how to make earth day crafts with your kids!
Plant a garden or a tree as a family! Credit: Getty Images Tired ...
Reducing your carbon footprint can be fun.

First-Born Boys Demand More Mommy Time

Baby boys demand more attention from moms than baby girls. Credit: Getty Images Women have thought for years that men are really more h...A study confirms that little boys want mommy all to themselves.

Placenta Boosts Baby's Brain Development

The human placenta plays an active role in synthesizing serotonin. Credit: Getty Images There's nothing really pretty about the placent...Researchers found placenta plays a critical role in the baby's brain development

Gender Reveal Parties Use Cake to Announce Baby's Sex

Finding out the sex of a baby? It's a piece of cake -- and an excuse for yet another party parents-to-be expect you to attend with gift in tow. ...They're called "Gender Reveal" parties and they're popping up all over the Internet.

Website to the Rescue for New Mama Baby Health Drama

HealthTap brings the physician back into the health care equation. Credit: Getty Images It's a new-mom's dream come true: When you wake...A new site provides mommies with any health questions they may have 24/7.

Heart Defects in Minority Children Yield Greater Risk of Death, Study Shows

Black children with heart conditions have a greater chance of dying before age 5 than their white peers. Credit: Getty Images The resul...Black children with heart conditions have a greater chance of dying before age 5 than their white peers.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Rare in Teens, but When it Hits, it Hits Hard, Study Shows

Watch a video related to chronic fatigue.
Only a small fraction of teens end up with chronic fatigue syndrome. Credit: Getty Images W...
The condition affects parents of teens, too.


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