Healthy Snacks: Tasty Ideas for Kids

Healthy snacks are an important part of a kid's diet. Credit: Getty Images As any plastic baggie-toting parent knows, healthy snacks ar...Swap out sugar-laden snacks for healthier treats.

Baby Kicking Like Crazy? It's a Good Thing

It's good when baby kicks. Credit: Getty Images While a baby's kicking may cause some discomfort for expectant moms, health care provid...Think your baby is playing soccer in there? Don't worry, she'll be a star!

How to Stock Your Family First Aid Kit

Don't skimp on the bandages. Credit: Corbis When cuts and bruises call for more than a kiss, parents need to be prepared. T...Safety experts recommend parents keep first aid kits at home, in the car and in the diaper bag.

Bedwetting Usually Stops Without Alarms, Medicine or Parents' Help

Don't fear bedtime. Credit: Getty Images Although experts recommend discussing bedwetting with your pediatrician, parents don't usually...Sooner or later, a child's brain and bladder will develop further and communicate at night better.

Fostering a Sense of Wonder Helps Kids Become Spiritually Curious

Is your child spiritually curious? Credit: Corbis When the Rev. Matthew Johnson-Doyle's 3-year-old daughter asks questions abo...Involving kids in discussions that have no answers will help their spirituality evolve, Carrie Brown-Wolf, says the author of "Soul Sunday: A Family's Guide to Exploring Faith and Teaching Tolerance."

Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon: Parents Get Help Talking Puberty, Sex With Daughters

Nervous about the puberty and sex talk? Get professional help. Credit: Getty Images
Who can forget talking about the birds and the bees with Mom a...
When it comes to the sex and puberty talk, many of today's mothers want to do better with their own daughters than their parents did with them.

Kids Hungry for TV Cooking Shows

Anna Messer, 13, chops an onion during one of her family's cooking classes. Credit: Daphne Burdeaux
When Stacie Billis turns on "Lidia's Italy...
Kids don't just love eating food, they love watching it too. Goodbye SpongeBob, hello Food Network!

Potty Training Requires Preparation, Patience and Praise

Be patient with your child when potty training. Credit: Getty Images
When it's time to potty train, it's all about the three "P" words: preparatio...
When it's time to potty train, it's all about the three "P" words: preparation, praise and patience.

No Cellphone? Unplugging on Family Vacations

Tune into family, turn off the iPod. Credit: Corbis
When Aaron Bryant told his son he could not bring his iPod camping, the 13-year-old was surp...

Amazing Dad: Bill Krissoff

William B. Krissoff is officially commissioned as a lieutenant commander in the U.S. Navy Medical Corps. Credit: James Coyle, United States Navy Ama...


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