Amazing Dad: Jason Harper

Jason Harper and his family. Credit: Jason Harper
Amazing Dad: Jason Harper, who founded the Extra Mile Run to raise money for an under-served ele...

Amazing Dad: Gordon Hartman

A family moment for Gordon Hartman, center, creator of a playground for folks with disabilities. Photo courtesy of the Gordon Hartman Foundation.

Amazing Dad: Dave Wardle

Dave Wardle with his daughter, Sofia. Credit: Courtesy of Dave Wardle
Amazing Dad: Dave Wardle, who, along with his daughter, developed SofiaMaz...

How to Make the Most of Your Next 'Staycation'

Visit a local zoo on your next "staycation." Credit: Getty Images
Maybe money is tight or you're short on time, or you just want to stay at home d...

Successful Model, 9, Considers Herself a 'Normal Kid'

Watch CBS News Videos Online Like most 9-year-old girls, Fatima Ptacek participates in lots of activities. She does gymnastics, rides horses ...

Amazing Mom: Yolande Dumont

Yolande Dumont with her grandson, Ethan. Dumont Family Photo.
Amazing Mom: Yolande Dumont Yolande's Family: Husband: Julien, married 54 years; Kid...

Amazing Mom: Saranne Rothberg

Lauriel and her mother Saranne Rothberg want to make sick people laugh. Credit: Courtesy of The ComedyCures Foundation. Amazing Mom: Saranne Rothber...

Don't Let Public Temper Tantrums Give You Fits

Stay calm when your child melts down in public. Credit: Felipe Pimentel, Flickr Tantrums are a normal part of childhood, but that doesn't make th...

Snacking Shocker: Kids Prefer Cheetos to Carrots

When a snack attack strikes, are kids opting for junk food? Credit: Paul J. Richards, AFP/Getty Images
Apples, carrot sticks or raisins? Puh-leeze...

Mother Details Efforts to Use Science to Save Her Dying Son in New Book

Laurie Strongin's new book, Saving Henry, details her family's struggles to save their dying son. Credit: Norma Jean Roy
With a young son in n...


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