Pregnant Women Say They're Often Exposed to Workplace Hazards

Credit: Getty Images
A new study of working women in Spain reports that 62 percent say they are frequently exposed to some physical risk in their ...

Childhood Brain Power Tied to Adult Heart Health

Could studying hard put your kids on a path to a healthier adulthood? Credit: tobias.munich, Flickr
A study of nearly 10,000 British adults who...

Mozart May Help Preemies Gain Weight

Does Mozart hold the key to helping preemies grow? Credit: totalAldo, Flickr
Many parents have heard about the "Mozart effect" -- the supposedly...

Study Shows Prevelance of Mental Disorders Among American Kids

The numbers may seem surprising: A new study finds that about 13 percent of American kids have at least one mental disorder (including ADHD, anxie...

Scientists Discover Evidence of Brain Rewiring in Kids

Imaging shows compromised white matter (blue area) in poor readers, left; increase in structural integrity (red/yellow) among poor readers who recei...

Study Confirms Link Between Tobacco and Behavioral Problems

Are some cases of ADHD caused by exposure to cigarette smoke before birth? Credit: Paraschiv Alexandru, Flickr.
German scientists have found ev...

Military Kids Face Emotional Challenges as Deployments Grow, Study Shows

Stress is an unavoidable part of life for military kids, especially while a parent is deployed in a war zone. A study published this month in the...

Pregnant Obese Women Shouldn't Gain Weight, Study Suggests

Experts disagree on weight gain guidelines. Credit: Tobyotter, Flickr
A four-year study, launched in October by Kaiser Permanente, has begun w...

Beer And Cookies For Santa?

Should Santa knock back non-alcoholic brews while on the job? Credit: sodabug, Flickr
Pity the poor marketing executive who was sure this campaign...

Study: Fewer Parents Putting Babies To Sleep On Their Backs

The nation's "Back to Sleep" campaign hasn't reached all American parents. Credit: Star5112, Flickr.
Since the national "Back to Sleep" campaign...


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