Tony Little: Push Your Body, Not Your Kids

Take the difficulties of family life one day at a time, says Tony Little, with wife Melissa and their twins, Cody and Chase. Photo courtesy Tony Lit...The fitness guru is known for whipping Americans into shape, so why did he let his own son get overweight?

Trick-or-Treaters Want Princess and Spider-Man Costumes This Halloween, Poll Says

Princesses, witches and pirates are set to rule this Halloween. Credit: Getty.
More than two thirds of kids already know what they want to be on H...
Girls are loving princess costumes so much this Halloween season, it's scary.

Halloween Spending is Up, but Trick-or-Treaters Not Making Crazy Hauls

Consumers aren't scared to spend on Halloween decorations. Credit: Getty Images
The Great Pumpkin may be bouncing back from the lows of the re...
The Great Pumpkin may be bouncing back from the lows of the recession, but expect less candy and seeing last year's costumes again, as some families still try to hold down costs.

Saving for College? Plan Ahead

Paying for college requires some serious financial planning. Credit: cbowns, Flickr
Even if you save for years, it probably won't be enough to put...

Back-to-School Shopping Tabs Near $500, Even in a Recession

Sure, money is tight, but you still have to shop for back-to-school supplies. Credit: jupiterimages
Brother, can you spare $500? That could be w...

Start Saving Early to Pay for College

You're going to need to save some serious pennies to pay for college. Credit: hill.josh, Flickr
Just as getting into college consumes the waking...

Online Games Can Teach Kids Money Skills

Online games can sneak in lessons about managing money. Credit: Getty Images Just like getting kids to eat veggies by hiding them in food, someti...

Kids Will Need Job-Hunting Help to Get Over the Summertime Blues

Job-seeking teens will likely have a tough time this summer. Credit: Getty Images
Getting those high-school and college kids off the couch won't...

Taking the Family to a Hot Spot Abroad? Stay Safe by Planning Ahead

A little planning can make international travel with kids go smoothly. Credit: jupiterimages
Thinking of trading Toronto for Thailand or skipp...

Worried About Paying for Summer Camp? Apply for a 'Campership'

Summer camp doesn't have to be out of reach. Credit: Courtesy American Camp Association
If you've been hit by the recession and think you can't a...


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