Depressed Dads Spank Kids More Often, Study Shows

A new study finds 7 percent of dads of 1-year-olds are depressed. Credit: Getty With so much focus on maternal post-partum depression, ...Depressed dadswere nearly four times more likely to report spanking their child.

Should Parents Sweat Over Their Kids Doing Hot Yoga?

Turning up the heat on fitness: Yoga instructor Taylor Wells practices poses with her children Madison and Sage. Credit: Ray Mucci Yoga...Some big kids and tweens are doing hot yoga. But is it safe?

Childhood Self-Control Is a Predictor of Adult Success, Study Shows

Teaching your child self-control now can mean a healthier future. Credit: Getty Grating as they may be, most of us are inclined to brus...A study finds kids who had poor self-control were more likely to have problems as adults.

Bilingual Toddlers Reap Cognitive Benefits Over Kids Who Speak Just 1 Language

Teaching your child a second language, such as Spanish, at an early age can improve her cognitive abilities. Credit: Getty Parlez-vous ...Speaking a second language gives toddlers some cognitive advantages.

Chinese Parent Amy Chua Talks Extreme Discipline and Parenting Regrets

Author Amy Chua and her family. Credit: The Penguin Press Amy Chua is getting a lot of flack these days for her parenting style, which ...Is Chinese parenting better than American parenting? Author Amy Chua says yes, but not for every kid.

Parents' Smoking Can Increase Children's Blood Pressure

Secondhand smoke can cause high blood pressure in young kids. Credit: Getty Forget about lung cancer causing harm in the distant futu...Another reason to quit smoking: You could be giving your young kids high blood pressure.

Autism Risk Higher With Closely-Spaced Pregnancies

The timing of pregnancies could affect autism odds. Credit: Getty Images More fuel to throw on the burning autism debate: A new study sa...Second children who are conceived within a year of their older sibling's birth were more than three times more likely to be diagnosed with autism, according to a study.

C-Sections Rise, Teen Birth Rate Falls in 2008

Teen birth rates are down, but more older women are having babies. Credit: Getty Images Americans had fewer babies in 2008, but more of ...A survey also found that the the number of women between 40 and 49 having babies went up.

Caffeine Linked to Sleep Issues, but Most Kids Drink it Daily

Decrease the buzz, increase the Zzzs. Credit: Melanie Conner/Getty Images Baffled by your child's sleep issues? Try cutting the caffeine...A new study found that the more caffeine kids drank, the less they slept.

Patch Might Not Be Best Treatment for Lazy Eye

The patch may be a thing of the past when it comes to treating lazy eyes. Credit: Corbis The pirate look may be cute on Johnny Depp or ...A new study shows acupuncture may be more effective than the patch.


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