Rebecca Black's 'Friday' is Harmless Bubblegum Pop, So Why All the Haters?

Rebecca Black is famous for singing and starring in "Friday," known to a lot of people as the worst song and music video of all time. To date, the...Why all the vitriol over a silly teenage video fantasy?

Need a Snow Day Activity? Make Snow Ice Cream!

If you live in the Midwest, you might be home with the kids today, since much of this part of the country is having a blast of snowy weather and some ...Snow ice cream adds yummy fun to a day spent at home.

Why Lent Is Good for Your Family

For many, the word Lent conjures up images of stern nuns, hair shirts and Catholic schools circa 1951, but it's a ritual and tradition American famili...Lent is a ritual and tradition American families need now, more than ever.

Child Abuse Comes to YouTube

A few weeks ago I wrote about what seems to be a new trend -- Hooters birthday parties for kids and the disturbing fact that parents found it fit to p...For the last 10 years, America has done a pathetic job of shielding our children from the worst elements and influences of our popular culture.

Message to Teachers in Wisconsin: Leave the Governor's Kids Out of It!

On February 15th, more than a thousand protesters gathered outside of the Wauwatosa, Wis., home of Governor Scott Walker to protest his proposed sta...When it comes to political debates, leave the politician's kids out of it.

Michelle vs. the Michelles: A Breast-Feeding Throwdown

To celebrate the anniversary of her "Let's Move!" anti-obesity campaign, Michelle Obama is talking up the health benefits of breast-feeding and new ...When it comes to breast-feeding, can't we women put down the gloves and work together?

Can You Inoculate Your Kids From a Raunchy Culture?

Last week, a friend told me that her teenage daughter walked out of the room when she saw "Jersey Shore" on the television. You heard right, some teen...It's not too late to keep "Jersey Shore" characters from shaping your child's morals.

Is Hooters a Family Restaurant?

Does a children's menu and a box of crayons from your waitress necessarily make a restaurant "family friendly?" That's what Hooters is hoping you'l...Will normalizing family night out at Hooters sexualize yet another previously sacred part of our children's lives -- the family dinner?

Santa Banned From Classroom When Muslim Family Complains

For the past four years, Santa Claus has visited the children of St. Peter, Minnesota's Head Start Program. Santa, in this case, is a gentleman by the...When Santa is banished, is it really the children that we're trying to protect?

Barbara Walters' Question on 'The View' Gave Me a Pregnant Pause

My husband, now known as Congressman-Elect Sean Duffy, Barbara Walters, Baby Maria Victoria and me behind the scenes this week at The View...Our columnist had that "I wish I would've said that moment" after her interview with Barbara Walters on The View.


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