MTV's 'Teen Mom': Pro-Life or Pro-Sex?

After giving birth to my sixth child, I spent two days in the hospital alone -- bonding, nursing ... and totally addicted to a marathon of MTV's "16...Clearly the teens on the show had sex, but there's a level of comfort that the kids have in each other's homes that I suspect was there before the double lines appeared on the EPT test.

Government Leaders Reflect New Partnership in Family Life

Recently, when my husband and I arrived in Washington, D.C., for congressional freshman orientation week, several national newspapers noted the more...During congressional freshman orientation week, several national newspapers noted the more casual and hands-on style of this new generation of leaders.

Breast-Feeding Prompts Bipartisan Moment

My first night in Washington, D.C., for my husband Sean's Congressional Freshman Orientation, involved a lovely reception and dinner in Statuary Hall....Nancy Pelosi and Rachel Campos-Duffy might have wildly different political views, but they do share one important bond: Motherhood.

When a Parent Runs for Congress, Kids Get Front Row Seat to American Politics

Courtesy of Rachel Campos-Duffy
On November 2, my husband, Sean Duffy, had the honor of being elected to represent Wisconsin's 7th District in C...
I can now say with absolutely certitude that unless you've been through it, it's difficult to understand the toll it takes on candidates and their families.

Do Dads Matter?

Jennifer Aniston stepped on a cultural landmine. "Women are realizing more and more that you don't have to settle, they don't have to fiddle with a...

American Girl Dolls: The Conservative Mom's Dilemma

In a culture where wholesome, age-appropriate toys and media are hard to come by, conservative moms face an additional dilemma. Conservative valu...

In Defense of Chores

There used to be a time when paper routes and babysitting were as a part of the teen experience as pep rallies and Clearasil. In Arizona, where I...

Parents Hate Parenting Because They're Doing it Wrong

Jennifer Senior's recent and much commented on New York Magazine article, "All Joy and No Fun", about why parents hate parenting, caught my attention ...

This Summer, Give Your Kids the Gift of Boredom

During the last few weeks of school my kids brought home piles of flyers for summer camps and activities. The pressure on parents to fill those once...

My First Child is Off to Summer Camp (and I Never Got to Go)

I never went to summer camp. In fifth grade, Girl Scout camp presented me with my first opportunity, but my Spanish-born mom who was unfamiliar...


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