A Childhood Without Sports: How Bad?

"Sports are not for every child," says a mom next to me on the playground bench, as her son watches a ball whiz past him and roll to a stop in the...

Missing a Child's Big Event - How Bad?

How bad is it to get stuck at work and miss your child's big event? Credit: jupiterimages
Back-to-school night just passed and some mom friend...

Caffeinated Tea Party: How Bad?

Using caffeinated tea at your children's tea parties is just fine. Credit: Rick Takagi, Flickr
What 5-year-old doesn't love a tea party? But there...

Non-Natural Peanut Butter: How Bad?

Natural peanut butter isn't the only option for your child. Credit: Wendy Andrews, Flickr
The peanut-butter aisle used to be a simple place. In...

Forcing an Apology: How Bad?

Should you force your child to apologize? Credit: Photodisc At the playground recently, a tussle over sand toys ended with one mom demanding her ...

No United Front - How Bad?

Should you and your spouse at least appear to agree? Credit: mynameismarsha, Flickr
How many times have we heard how how important it is for pa...

Leaving a Child Out - How Bad?

Do siblings always have to do the same things? Credit: AshD23, Flickr
"How bad is it to leave one child out?," a mommy blogger wrote via email....

White Bread, No Crust - How Bad?

Are you spoiling your kids by cutting off their crusts? Credit: left-hand, Flickr
"During my daughter's refusal-to-eat-most-foods stage (which ...

Kids Addicted to TV - How Bad?

Having a hard time prying the kids away from the TV? Credit: Getty Images
"It's not like they watch a ton of TV. It's just that they love it so...

Texting While Parenting - How Bad?

Do you check e-mail while parenting? Credit: me and the sysop, Flickr
"The BlackBerry gives me freedom, for sure," a mom-friend confided. "But I...


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