Is Ice Cream Bad for You?

If ice cream falls on the pavement, it's still good, right? Photo:
"So, it's summer," my friend says, "and that means a steady i...

Letting a Child Win - How Bad?

"You're it!" Photo:
When playing a game against your child (checkers, chess, Candy Land) do you let them win? Many parent-fr...

Under-Scheduling Children - How Bad?

I don't know, what do you guys want to do? Photo:
This year many mom-friends are skipping the camp-gymnastics-art-class-tutorin...

Kids Staying Up Late - How Bad?

Got a couple of night owls at home? Photo:
Ever try to coax children to go to bed when it's bright as noon outside and the gleef...

Major Bedtime Snacking - How Bad?

"Do you see any coffee ice cream back there?" Credit:
After "eating" dinner, my children used to ask for snacks in 5-minute increm...

Skipping Sunscreen - How Bad?

"Is that sunscreen in your hand?" Photo courtesy of
For some families, this delicious weather also brings a delightful daily ...

Family Dinner Boycott - How Bad?

Sure she threw me a bone, but when is everyone else coming to the table? Image: My friend practically whispered it in my ear: We...

Saying No to StarTrek - How Bad?

"Okay so YOU can see 101 Dalmations, but not YOU. You're too sensitive." Photo from
Hanging out with several other moms-of-boys,...

TV Lunch, Every Day - How Bad?

So how bad is eating in front of the TV? Photo courtesy This week's How Bad question comes via email: "My daughter is 4. I would...

Scolding Your Child's Friend - How Bad?

Do you scold other people's kids? Photo courtesy of
The email said: "How about this for How Bad: Scolding other people's kids? My...


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