Get Me Outta Here

Daily Cutie
I'm a (baby) celebrity, get me out of here! Thanks to lishahs for this cutie patootie. lishahs, Flickr What a perfe...

Circle in the Sand

Daily Cutie
What a perfect reflection. Thanks to Lemon-Drop for this lovely shot. Lemon-Drop,Flickr According to this precious e...


Daily Cutie
According to this precious expert, pink pacifiers rule! Thanks to Jokin Sukuntza for this darling photo. Jokin Sukuntz...

Strawberry Shortcake

Daily Cutie
The hair, the dimple, the smile! We can't get enough of this adorable tot. Thanks to redfox1 for this great shot. redf...

Lush Lashes

Daily Cutie
How can anyone say no to those eyes? Thanks to alenzisaad for this beautiful portrait. alenzisaad/Flickr We really l...

Bricks and Bubbles

Daily Cutie
We really love the composition in this shot. Thanks to ( .Victory. ) for the cool photo. ( .Victory. )/Flickr We agr...

Curly Girl,feedConfig,entry&id=443394...


Daily Cutie
Nobody puts baby in a corner. Thanks to Sarah Stewart for this adorable shot. Sarah Stewart/Flickr A future phone-ta...

Hello? Anyone there?

Daily Cutie
A future phone-talker is in the works. Thanks to anuragyagnik for this glimpse into the future. anuragyagnik/Flickr ...

Lass in the Grass

Daily Cutie
Such a happy little cowgirl. Thanks to 4peasinapod for this adorable portrait. 4peasinapod/Flickr What's this little...


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