Baby's First Year, in Two Minutes

Parents are taking the baby growth chart a giant leap forward. By chronicling their children's growth in more high-tech -- and public -- ways, on bl...

Cookie Dough

Each week, our friends at Cookie Magazine bring us the best of what's hot and cool for kids and parents. This week: Cool cocktail napkins, a warm be...

Brangelina's Twins Turn 1 - But Where Are They?

Last week, Hollywood's hottest twins celebrated a big milestone: Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt celebrated their first birthday w...

Dying Mother Creates 'Masterclass in Motherhood' for Husband

Jemma Oliver taught her husband to be a mom before she died. Photo: Wales News Service
When Jemma Oliver was diagnosed with terminal cancer, sh...

Jacadi Collection Dress, Kolo Essex Travel Book, Goodbyn Lunchbox

Cookie: Picks of the Week
Jacadi Ceremony Collection Dress It's the most perfect flower-girl dress we've ever seen; darling and s...

6-Year-Old Shoots Hole-in-One With SpongeBob Golf Ball

Was it the SpongeBob ball that brought this 6-year-old a hole in one? Photo: Deena Lynn Furlow/Manistee News Advocate
Braeden Furlow, an adorable ...

Exclusive Interview - 'NYC Prep' Dad Speaks Up, Sebastian 'Has Taken it in Stride'

The buzz about the teen cast members, and their interesting behavior, on Bravo's "NYC Prep" continues to heat up. But we're curious about their parent...

Blink Designs Sewing Kit, Handstand Kids Cookbook, Heath Ceramics Tea Towel

Cookie: Picks of the Week
Blink Designs Sewing Kit Blink Design has produced a funky range of beautifully-designed Sew It Yoursel...

Sean Duffy Announces Run for Congress

The Duffy family gears up for a run for Congress. Photo:
Sean Duffy -- husband of ParentDish columnist Rachel Campos-Duf...

Evian's Roller-Skating Babies Ad - Cute or Creepy?

Confession: I'm not a fan of commercials that feature talking babies (think: E*TRADE) -- they freak me out, honestly. But I have to admit that Evian's...


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