5 Ways to Unplug on Vacation

The biggest challenge for family vacation is unplugging from our 24/7 media lives. Credit: Getty Images What's the biggest challenge fac...With planning and self-control, you can ditch the gadgets and enjoy some family face time.

What's Better for Kids: Computers, TV or Video Games?

How does a parent choose which media to allow their kids to spend time with? Credit: Getty Images It's a daily dilemma: If you allow a ...Whether it's TV, video games or websites, a screen is a screen is a screen.

When Movies Don't Match the Ratings

Despite the rating, you never know what you're going to get. Credit: Getty Images When my friends complain about hearing a baby cry dur...If you're trying to make a decision about whether to see a movie with your child, you can't rely solely on MPAA ratings.

10 Movie Beasts That Changed the World

Movie monsters get a bad rap, but they often have positive qualities. Credit: Disney Pixar Beasts are bad guys, right? Not always. Movi...Movie monsters get a bad rap, but they often have positive qualities that help kids learn.

How to Nip Digital Drama in the Bud

Getting your kids away from media shouldn't be an ordeal. Credit: Corbis "Turn off the TV!" "No more Club Penguin!" "No Facebook 'til y...Cell phones, TV shows, video games and the Web often create standoffs between kids and parents.

Horror Movies and Your Teens

Teens who watched horror films experienced an increase in anxiety. Credit: AFP/Getty Images Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" is one of the m...A seminal University of Michigan study showed that teens who watched horror films experienced an increase in anxiety.

Alcohol in the Media

Advertisements leave an impression on your children. Credit: Getty Images Don't people have fun in alcohol ads? And they make a big imp...Alcohol in the media makes a big impression on your kids.

Best Storybook Apps for Kids

Storybook apps are for kids of all ages! Credit: Getty Images We're loving the new book apps you can download onto your smartphone or iP...Storybook apps can help encourage lifelong readership.

Racy Talk: Kids Are Listening (and Learning)

Exposure to sexual content in TV and other media in early adolescence can as much as double kids' risk of early sexual intercourse. Credit...According to a report, having a TV in a child's bedroom is associated with early teen sexual activity.

Gaming and Your Kids

Kids love getting their game on. Credit: Getty Images Never before have kids spent so much time (and money) gaming. Some gaming encoura...How do you know if video games are OK for your kids to play?


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