How to Help Children of Depressed Parents Cope

Credit: Getty Images
Depression in children is very serious. At any given time, 5 percent of children age 9 to 17 meet the criteria for major...
In many cases, the root of childhood depression can be found in the people with whom they are closest.

10 Things to Say (and Not to Say) to a Teen With Depression

Choose your words carefully when talking to a depressed teen. Credit: Getty Images
How to show you care What do you say to someone who's depres...

Birth Control is Safer Than Ever (and Sometimes it's Even Good for You)

The Pill can do more than just prevent pregnancy. Credit: Getty Images
Times have changed since women going on birth control risked the pelvic...

Quiz: Sex and Teens

Trying to avoid having "the talk" with your daughter? Make sure she knows the answers to important sexual health questions -- especially if this w...


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