Meet Martha and Friends

How does a 10-year-old Martha Stewart prepare for the holidays? A2
Ever wonder what a 10-year-old Martha Stewart was REALLY like?
Ever wonder what Martha Stewart was like as a kid? Now you can find out!

Cheat Sheet: Ultimate Holiday Wish List, Diabetes Awareness Month and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" -- the beginning of the end is here. Your children are likely to be very excited (hey, we are, too) about...Get the lowdown on all the hot topics your kids will be talking about.

Cheat Sheet: Hair Whipping, Bieb-er-lantern and More Halloween

Willow's hair whipping is a bad idea. Credit: Sony
Willow Smith has two incredibly famous parents and a brother, Jaden Smith, who's slowly mak...
The effects of whipping your hair about like Willow does in her music video could be similar to getting whiplash -- YIKES!

Cheat Sheet: Boobies Ban, Camp Rock 2, Selena Gomez's New Vid

Are you keeping abreast of the fads?
This is one story we can't get enough of, and neither can the teens on, either. Hoping t...
Hoping to raise awareness about breast cancer, a group of California students are now sporting rubbery bracelets that say "I Love Boobies."

Cheat Sheet: Bieber Bandz, KIDZ Star USA Talent Search and Youth Sports

Silly Bandz announced a special Justin Bieber pack. Credit: Silly Bandz
If you've encountered the Silly Bandz craze, or the Justin Bieber craze, y...

Cheat Sheet: Joe Jonas' Birthday, Weekend Without Oil and Back to School

Joe Jonas will be celebrating his 21st birthday in high style, we're sure. Credit: WireImage
If you have a JoBros fan in your house, you're probab...

Cheat Sheet: Emma Watson, the Great AOL Kids Giveaway, Taylor Swift

Emma Watson is rocking a new, pixie 'do. Credit: @EmWatson on Twitter
A collective gasp went out among Harry Potter and Emma Watson fans alike t...

Cheat Sheet: BooBoo Stewart, Marmaduke and Teens Getting Hurt at the Gym

Booboo Stewart is the latest edition to the 'Twilight Saga' movies' cast.
There's a new hottie in the pack -- the wolf pack, that is! Booboo Stewa...

Cheat Sheet: Joe Jonas, 'American Idol' and Sleep Deprivation

Joe Jonas is going solo. Credit: Getty Images
If your teenager recently replaced the JoBros with Justin Bieber, they might be intrigued to know th...

Cheat Sheet: Miley Cyrus, Shrek and the Futterwacken

Miley Cyrus proves she can't be tamed. Credit: Jon Kopaloff/
We've seen the rise and fall of many a Pop Princess over the past decade...


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