Do Celebrity Moms Make You Feel Like a Failure?

Six kids? Check. Hot partner? Check. Ability to make other moms feel inferior? Check. Credit: AFP/Getty Images
Parenting is so hot in Hollywood ri...
Celebs -- they're just like us! Only they're not.

Why Breast-Feeding Makes One Mom Squeamish

Not every mom loves breast-feeding. Credit: Getty Images
I nursed E for a year. Exclusively. Not a single drop of formula ever touched her lips...
A second-time mom shares her doubts about the nursing she did the first time around.

Pregnant? Get Your Flu Shot!

Don't avoid the needle, moms-to-be. Credit: ZaldyImg, Flickr
If you're expecting, be sure you're first in line to get a flu shot this year. ...
Why should you get it? Last year's H1N1 outbreak brought to light how hard the flu can hit pregnant women, and new research indicates that immunity is passed down to your baby.

Would You Feed Another Woman's Breast Milk to Your Baby?

Can't pump enough breast milk? One mom offered to do it for her pal. Credit: planet_oleary, Flickr Breast-feeding is such an intimate act -- ...
A mom shares her experiences with feeding her son another woman's breast milk.


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