Children Could Benefit from Medical Research, Study Says

Credit: Getty Images You read about all these studies and research projects on ParentDish. Have you ever thought to yourself, "Gee, I w...Many parents are unaware of the benefits of their children participating in research.

When New Mom Can't Breast-Feed, Dozens of Women Help Out

Credit: Getty Images Eva van Dok Pinkley, a Brooklyn, N.Y., actress and magazine researcher can't breast-feed her newborn because she h...Mothers rally around cancer survivor who can't breast-feed because of a double masectomy.

His Lordship: Lazy 14-Year-Old Hooligan! Get a Job!

Credit: Amazon
"Boy for sale!"
A member of Britain's House of Lords is beginning to sound like something out of "Oliver Twist." Lord...
British lord says lazy nippers ought to be taken out of school and put to work.

Teacher Reinstated After Blogging That Students are 'Whiners'

Credit: Getty Images
A teacher in suburban Philadelphia blogged that her students are "rude, disengaged, lazy whiners."
No doubt. Th...
Teacher who blasted students ready to return to classroom, just maybe in a different building.

Bathtub Pads Recalled

Credit: Getty Images Pads sold to keep children from falling in the bathtub may have the opposite effect. They're not sticking to the t...Manufacturer says they're not sticking, creating a hazard.

Kids are Like Scientists, and Not Just Mad Ones

Credit: Getty Images
"Experiment. Make it your motto day and night. Experiment. And it will lead you to the light." -- Cole Porter
Researchers say child's play really quite complicated scientific experiments.

Kids With Special Needs Get (Gasp!) Bullied

Credit: Getty Images Brace yourselves for a shocker. Kids with special needs -- who struggle with medical, emotional or emotional issue...Researchers point out obvious, but also call for communities to help kids.

Parents' Attitude Affects Kids' Diabetes

Credit: Getty Images Kids with diabetes need to regulate their diets, monitor their blood-sugar levels and take the appropriate amount ...Right attitude can help kids control their diabetes.

The Kids Are All Right, Even if Their Parents Grow Pot

Credit: AP
Just because the folks next door are drug dealers doesn't mean they're bad parents.
In fact, researchers at Toronto's Hos...
Researchers say children of pot growers remarkably well-adjusted and drug-free.

In Vitro Kids More Advanced, But is it Nature or Nurture?

Credit: Getty Images British researchers have found children conceived through in vitro fertilization start school with verbal skills e...Researchers find in vitro babies outpace kids who come as a "surprise."


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