Happy Meals Get a Little Less Happy With Half the Fries

Credit: AFP/Getty Images Happy Meals may be a little more healthy but a little less happy now that McDonald's is cutting the number of ...McDonald's bows to concerns about nutrition by putting kids on tighter rations.

Sneak Veggies Into Your Kids' Meals

Credit: AP
Can't get your kids to eat their veggies?
Researchers at Pennsylvania State University have a cunning plan. They suggest ...
Sneaky researchers say you can double your child's vegetable intake.

Florida Child Welfare Investigators Criticized for Incompetance

Credit: Corbis
Say you're a child welfare investigator.
You get numerous reports that children in a particular family are being abus...
Florida investigators overlooked warning signs, and little girl died.

Kids Eating More and More Meals Away From Home

Credit: AP
People used to complain that kids eat too often in front of the television instead of at the family dinner table.
Have no...

Crossing the Street Can Be Risky for Kids With ADHD

Credit: Getty Images Albert Einstein may have helped unlock the secrets of the universe, but something as simple as crossing the street...Their bodies and minds are not always in the same place.

Technology May Help Save Kids Left in Hot Cars

Credit: AP It happens with depressing frequency. A parent accidentally leaves a small child alone in a car. By the time the parent reme...Safety advocate wants weight sensors in child seats.

Breast-Feeding Reduces Children's Risk of Asthma

Credit: Getty Images While women's breasts often make grown men gasp and wheeze, they seem to have the reverse effect on nursing infant...Yet another study sings the praises of breast milk.

'Molescular Scalpel' Offers Hope in Muscular Dystrophy Fight

Credit: Getty Images
A "molecular scalpel" could help children with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.
The gene for the protein dystrophin...
Drug trial shows promise in the UK.

Discipline More About School Authorities Than Student Behavior

Credit: Getty Images Students at South Allegory High School rarely get suspended. Meanwhile, across town at North Allegory High, kids a...Study suggests suspension rates don't accurately reflect discipline problems.

Football Star Eli Manning Scores $2.9 Million for Children's Hospital

Eli Manning. Credit: Getty Images New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning does a lot of impressive things on the football field, winnin...Eli Manning a true hero to young cancer patients.


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