Working Moms Don't Hurt Their Kids, Study Says

Credit: Getty Images
You can stop feeling guilty if you work away from your kids during the day.
Well, a little less guilty, anyway....
Report comes as good news for guilt-ridden working moms.

Roughly a Fourth of Gay Teens are Homeless

Credit: Getty Images
Roughly 25 percent of gay and lesbian teenagers are homeless.
Compare that with only 3 percent of heterosexual ...
Study paints a bleak picture of life as a gay teenager.

Illinois Cracks Down on Child Abductions

Credit: AFP/Getty Images The Chicago Tribune reported last year on how -- out of 530 attempted child abductions by strangers in Chicago...Report by Chicago Tribune identifies holes in Illinois child abduction laws.

Al Qaeda Turns Itself Into a Bunch of Cartoonish Terrorists

Credit: AP It's just like "Super Friends" -- that is, if Superman wore a shroud instead of cape, worked as a terrorist instead of a rep...Al Qaeda thinks cartoon can sell terrorism like breakfast cereal.

Al Franken Rebukes Conservative Group for Definition of 'Nuclear Family'

Sen. Al Franken. Credit: AP Children are better off and generally healthier when raised in nuclear families, according to a study publi...Focus on Family entitled to its own opinions, says senator, but not its own facts.

Opinion: Where Do You Draw the Curtain in the Man Cave?

Credit: Getty Images
I put my hand on my teenage son's shoulder at the grocery store the other day.
"Stop that!" he yelled. "People ...
A single dad of a teenage son grapples with matters of propriety.

Kids Entering College? Time to Assess Insurance Needs

Credit: Corbis
Say your son or daughter is going off to college in the next few months? You probably have all sorts of checklists.
Insurance group recommends making an inventory of dorm items for insurance purposes.

Premature Babies Eventually Catch Up With Vocabulary

Credit: Getty Images
A premature baby's exposure to pain, oxygen and the environment can harm his or her immature brain.
But not to ...
Study shows preemies catch up in some developmental areas.

Come to the Diaper Party; There Will be Beer

Credit: Getty Images
There was a time men never went near diapers. That was before they realized they could mix them with beer.
Men find a way to make having a baby fun. Just add beer.

Domestic Violence Reaches the Womb, Study Finds

Credit: Getty
Research suggests domestic violence affects children -- even in the womb.
According to U.S. News & World Report, r...
Study says kids can be stressed out all of their lives from abuse experienced in vitro.


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